Thursday, November 20, 2014

Review: Vizeri Beauty Boar Bristle Hair Brush

I bought this brush when the company released a code that made the price of the brush just $1. I thought, wow, that's too good a deal to pass up and I was right. This is good for me because I have long hair and the dainty small brushes I usually buy aren't really working for my hair. But I can see this brush working for just about any type of hair since it's made so well and the spacing between the bristles are a good size. I even used it on my hair after I curled the ends and it just glided right through. 

I almost never brush or comb my hair when its wet because it's so long and ends up breaking or snapping off before I get to the end. I tested this brush out on my wet hair just to see if it would work and for the most part it did a good job but i don't think this brush would work on really detangled wet hair. I made sure to brush my hair before I washed it and used a leave in conditioner to make it easier to brush and it still pulled my hair in a few places. 

What makes this brush unique is that it's curved unlike the usual flat brushes this one fits the roundness of your head. The other thing I really like is that the little bristles really do feel like a small scalp massage when you are brushing your hair. The bristles are nice and soft and don't scrape my scalp like some of the other brushes I've used. I would definitely recommend this brush.

If you'd like to order this brush you can do so on Amazon


  1. I'm always in the market for a good brush; I have long, and super thick hair, so I go through more than my fair share, usually because I break them. I have the same problem as you do with getting tangles out when mine's wet. Maybe boar bristles are the way to go, I haven't tried one yet.

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads

  2. A hand works for my short hair if needed lol

  3. sounds like a nice hair brush

  4. Sounds like a good brush. I hardly ever brush my hair. I always use a comb. My hair is a lot shorter than yours though :)

  5. Carmel- My hair is long, I can sit on it but not as thick as yours. This is a great brush.

    Pat- lol

    Adam- Yep, it is. And for a dollar, can't be beat.

    Shelley- When I had shorter hair I used a comb too.


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