Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy Raturday!

Welcome to a new weekly blog post I'm calling, Raturday! I've seen Caturday and while that's really cute, I think the rats needs some photo time so everyone can see how cute these little animals are. I've gotten permission from Rat Logic's fb page to share their pictures on my blog. So get ready to smile because these are cute. 

*click pictures to enlarge*


  1. Euum, in that second pic, is that what rat food looks like or is that... vomit? Nevermind, don't answer that. LOL!

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads

  2. Yeah, is that rat porridge or what? And is the rat that's stirring just stirring more rat porridge?

  3. Carmel and A Beer For The Shower- You guys are cracking me up. No it's not porridge or vomit. it's baby food. I don't remember now what baby food it was but rats love baby food and baby cereal. Oh and a little interesting fact for you. Rats are unable to vomit.

    That second rat stirring the yellow cup...that was supposed to be him making himself a cup of hot cocoa. lol

  4. haha a broken gift has to be for someone else

  5. Oh very interesting blog sweetie
    Now I´m following you in GFC #212
    I hope your follow me back

  6. the stirring was hilarious!!

    merry christmas to you and yours!

  7. Aw the little sweetie with the flowers. Fab!

  8. Pat- Well it wouldn't be for me lol

    Sakuranko- Thanks for visiting.

    TexWisGirl- Thank you. Merry Christmas to you too.

    Anna- I know, he's so sweet. Oh funny. ;)

  9. first one is too cute

  10. I spy a naked mole rat.... eek they freak me out. The rest are pretty cute though :P

  11. Adam- Yeah he really is.

    Tizzy- That's actually a hairless rat. I have a female hairless rat. lol


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