Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Home Made Rat Toys


So you have a new rat and want to know what toys to get? Well some of the best rat toys are the ones that you make yourself.

Cardboard Tube Treat Holder
The easiest thing to make is this treat holder. All you need is a toilet paper tube, fold in one side and fill it with a few pieces of fruit, veggies, or any other treat your rat likes. Then fold the other side in and give it to your rat. They will have loads of fun trying to get to the treats inside the tube.

Paper Towel Box
Rats love to play under paper towels. If you put a few paper towels into a tissue box and cut a hole in the side so they can stick their heads out as well as get inside without jumping on top of it, they will jump around inside that box like they were kittens all the while playing 'chase the paper towel'. It is the cutest thing to watch and they will love it.

I bet you didn't know that rats love to fish, did you? Well, neither did I until I had a coffee cup filled with ice and Pepsi and my rat, Dusty stuck his nose right down in the cup and pulled out an ice cube and ran away with it.

He looked very happy and came back a few seconds later to fish another ice cube out of my cup. So I tried other things in a cup of water. I put strawberries in a cup of water and he stuck his nose right in and pulled them out as well.

Try putting different veggies or pieces of fruit your rat likes into a bowl of water. They will stick their entire face down into that water to grab the treat, only to come back for more.

Paper Bag
Believe it or not, a simple paper bag will give you and your rat hours of play time. Rats love to hide and get into and under things. That coupled with the noises the paper bag will make as they walk into it, will make them want to jump on it, drag it around and tear it into shreds. Even if your rat doesn't chew it to death, you should use a new bag the next time you play as most rats will have urinated in the bag while playing.

Veggie Shish-ka-bobs
Rats love vegetables and will eat just about anything you give to them. An easy thing to make for them is this shish-ka-bob, made from vegetables. Take a head of fresh broccoli and cut off the large hard stems from the middle. Cut the hard outer peel from the stem, then cut into square strips and add small pieces of other vegetables to the stick of broccoli. You may need to cut small holes into the vegetables before adding them to the broccoli stick. Give it to your rat and watch him happily eat it. Make sure to remove any remaining fresh food from your rat's cage at the end of the day so it doesn't spoil.

So there you have several easy and cheap ideas for rat toys. Rats love to have new and exciting things in their life and it will also keep them happy and a happy rat is a healthy rat.

Don't be upset if your little ratty doesn't like all the toys you buy or make for them. Rats can be picky and love the simplest things. Make sure to give them plenty of time outside the cage with you and plenty of time playing. Have fun with your little pet.


  1. Our dog is the same. She loves the simplest things to play with. We give her cardboard tubes and boxes with treats hidden inside. It's fun watching them play :)

  2. my dog's favorite was always socks, though we never gave it to her. She'd just take them

  3. I have always found that homemade toys make the best pet toys :)

  4. haha never knew they liked fishing at all

  5. you are so good to your rats. the fishing sounds like fun!

  6. Nice ideas! Wish I had thought of these when we had the hamsters. My cat is the same way about preferring home-made toys or preferring to make toys of objects he finds on his own around the house. He loves to hook his claws in athletic socks and get slowly dragged across the wood floor. ;)

  7. Oh that's so cute with them fishing!

  8. I like to slice up a cardboard tube so you get a bunch of cardboard rings. Then push them through each other so that you get a ball. You can put treats into them and then either let the rats dismantle them or (my personal favourite) hang them up in the cage to let them get some exercise. ;-)


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