Monday, February 09, 2015

Happy Raturday!

Welcome to a new weekly blog post I'm calling, Raturday! I've seen Caturday and while that's really cute, I think the rats needs some photo time so everyone can see how cute these little animals are. I've gotten permission from Rat Logic's fb page to share their pictures on my blog. So get ready to smile because these are cute. 

*click pictures to enlarge*


  1. LOL the one about never drinking again is awesome.

  2. lol that is one drunken night all should avoid

  3. lol at the mother rat one

  4. Yeah, I'm with everyone else. That mother is hilarious. Her facial expression says she's questioning all of her life choices up to this point.

  5. Those are super cute! I never knew rats could be so adorable! They've gotten a bad rap, for sure.

  6. That mother learned her lesson too late. Too funny.

    Could you have your friends to tell their cousins, the swamp rats that live on this island, to stay out from the crawl space under my house! I'd appreciate it (along with the neighborhood owl)!

  7. Oh my gosh. All the little babies! Aws!

  8. Wow, that's a lot of babies!

  9. Those are so funny, Mary!

  10. Keith- That was a favorite of mine too.

    Pat- Thanks for stopping by. That was a good one.

    Adam- Too many.

    A Beer For The Shower- I would be too.

    Bijoux- I love rats. I post a lot of rat pictures and rat related articles.

    Sage- I would and I'm sure they will tell their cousins but it must be a very comfy place to sleep. lol

    Anna- I love babies.

    Shelley- They have a small pile of them for sure.

    Sophia- So glad you liked them.


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