Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Treat For My Rats

I heard in one of my rat groups that rats like live mealworms. Since I didn't think I could feed live worms to my rats I bought freeze dried mealworms and at first they just sniffed them and looked at me like, what am I supposed to do with this?

But Scribbles decided to take one and after a bit of sniffing he munched it down and has been munching a few a day since then. 

Flower just sniffed them at first. 

But soon picked one up and started nomming on it.

She really likes them now.

Scribbles did the same and just sniffed them at first but quickly got the idea that they were a crunchy treat to eat.

And has been eating them when I give them to him ever since. 

Freeze dried mealworms I can handle feeding to them since they like them. Oh the things we do for our pets. lol 


  1. Yeah, mealworms are pretty gross.

  2. Eww to the worms, but if they like they like

  3. i know lots of folks who feed them to the birds. glad the rats like them!

  4. Bijoux- lol yeah they are.

    Pat- They love them.

    TexWisGirl- I'm sure birds would love them too.

  5. I don't think I could feed my rats live mealworms either, *shudders*. I do have a few rat feed mixes that contains some worms and schrimp, probably also freeze dried. Although even dead I find those mealworms creepy, but I can handle them for our rats.

    Scribbles has a nice pattern on her fur, I haven't seen a rat with a pattern like that before. Your rats look really happy with the mealworms! It's always so fun to give them new treats!

  6. Lola- Thanks, they love those mealworms.

  7. Oh yummy. LOL! I'd rather feed my rats (if I had rats) freeze dried mealworms. I'd be too weirded out by the live ones.

  8. LOL I did the same for the turtles. ::shudders:: But they made them SO happy.

  9. Chrys- I was too.

    Anna- lol That's funny.

  10. We got mealworms like this for our rats once and they didn't have a clue what to do with them. Clearly my rats are so spoiled that they're only interested in people food!

  11. Click- lol Spoiled ratties are the best.


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