Thursday, April 16, 2015

Our Day In Court

If we're FB friends then you probably already know that Ken and I had to appear as witnesses in court yesterday. We called the police on our neighbors a few weeks ago because the guy was beating on his pregnant girlfriend. We got subpoena's had to go to court and testify as to what we saw. 

So my dad drove us down to the Regional Justice Center and sat in the courtroom as we both testified. We were there for about 3 hours and it was quite the experience since I've never been in a courtroom before. We were a little worried about going because the guy's father came to our apartment last week, we get a knock at the door and there's a guy and a woman standing there asking for Ken by name. The weird thing was the guy was half dressed in a Metro police uniform..just the pants, shoes and belt with his badge, gun and handcuffs and wearing a regular civilian black and orange t shirt.

So Ken lets them in and they they tell us that they are the guys parents and they wanted to get our side of the story before court. So Ken told them what we saw and the dad who we thought was a metro police officer tells us that even though we got a subpoena, we don't have to show's really voluntary and we won't get in any trouble if we don't go. That he is trying to get his son in the military and if he is convicted for battery domestic violence that all that is out the window. But if Ken doesn't show up in court that the case will get thrown out and he can get on with his life.

Essentially the father tried to intimidate us into not testifying...Not gonna happen. 

So yesterday when we went to court and the prosecutor asked us about this incident, they found out that he actually isn't a metro police officer...he's actually just school police. I got a call last night from the city attorneys office and they wanted us to go file a police report on the father for witness intimidation and impersonating a police officer. But we decided to just let this drop as long as he and his son let it drop. We don't want to pursue this any further.  

I took this picture out of the 5th floor lobby that I was waiting in after I testified and Ken was on the stand. That's some of the Las Vegas skyline right there. You can see the Stratosphere off in the distance. 

This is outside the Regional Justice Center where we went to court. I was surprised that when we went inside they made you take your shoes, belts, ect off and put everything in a basket to get scanned just like at the airport. Ken and I had no problems going through the metal detectors but they stopped my 83 year old dad and took a closer took at his cane and even took one of those hand held wands and swiped it over my dad. Obviously because my 83 year old father looks like a criminal. lol 

I'm just glad it's over. 


  1. Intimidation can be quite I get where you are coming from. Those photos look great!

  2. i hope all will be well for you.

  3. Blogoratti- Thanks, it really was unnerving.

    TexWisGirl- Thank you.

  4. You did your civic duty, Mary. Civilisation rests on the shoulders of people like you. E pluribus unum.

  5. I think it was brave of you to even let that guy inside your house. What an ordeal. It's hard to stand up and do the right thing sometimes, but this world needs more people to not be intimidated and do it, like you did.

  6. That is some intense stuff. I'm glad you and your husband called the cops on that guy and didn't pay attention to a word his father said and testified. You guys did the right thing! Good job!

  7. I read the story about the dad and was like "he's trying to trick you'll"

  8. Gorilla- Thank you. It was an interesting experience that I hope to never have to experience again.

    Jaybird- I appreciate that. The only reason we let that guy in our house was because we thought he was a police officer.

    Chrys- Thanks. The only sad part is the girlfriend is still talking to the guy in jail and will probably take him back when he gets out.

    Adam- Exactly! That's what Ken and I both were thinking and said to each other after he left.

  9. LOL that's how it was traveling with my granddad who was wheel chair bound most of the time. Holy cow but the security he had to go through.

    That's still crazy about his dad. Some people really have a nerve!

  10. Wow, the rent a cop was trying to pull one over on you. Glad you didn't back down.

    Hey, I'm sure there are 83 year old criminals somewhere. Not sure their goal is to go into a courtroom though lol

  11. Anna- The security was unexpected. I had no idea.

    Pat- lol Yeah my dad thought it was funny.

  12. Sorry you went through the intimidation from the false police, but admire your courage to protect a woman who needed your help from a domestic violence situation. Kudos and BIG Hugs...Ro

  13. Sounds like you have had a lot of crazy stuff happening. I am sorry you had to witness a man beating his pregnant girlfriend, but glad for her that someone could give another point of view on what had happened. Testifying sounds scary, but it sounds like you were strong. I am sorry his father intimidated you. That is scary.

    Stay safe!

  14. What a scary experience! I'm familiar with the court thanks to multiple jury duty experiences. Ugh!

  15. RO- Thank you I appreciate that.

    DMS- Yeah I have awful neighbors most of the time.

    Bijoux- Thankfully I've never had to be on a jury.

  16. I've been to court and its nerve-wracking even if you aren't the one being prosecuted. Glad it went smoothly, Mary.

    What a jerk! To wear half a uni to intimidate you. Hope he gets busted with his employer and from city police for that one. Impersonating a police officer is bad news.

  17. I bet you're glad that's over with. Stuff like this always stresses me out.

  18. Sophia- It was nerve wracking. Yeah the entire situation was bad.

    Shelley- I am so glad it's over with.


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