Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Review: Leafholic Silicone Tea Infuser

I've never had a tea infuser before but this little monkey face tea infuser is so cute. I just love how cute it is hanging on the side of my cup. The face of the monkey changes color to let you know when your tea is at the right strength to drink. I think this would make a really cute gift for the tea lover's in your life. I didn't have any loose leaf tea so I cut open a tea bag I had and poured the tea leaves into the bottom container and added the silicone monkey to my cup of hot water. It works just like it says it does and the holes in the infuser are small enough to let water in while not letting the tea leaves out.

When you place the little silicone tea holder into your cup, the face of it is brown. As the tea steeps and gets to the right strength...

the face turns red. And as you can see, it really works and the color of the face really changes color as it sits in the hot water.

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Loose leaf tea seems like a hassle to me, but maybe this little guy makes it worth it?

  2. What a wonderful device! Is it made of plastic? I'd like to see the holes.

  3. I love tea! I wish I could try this.

  4. The color is sure helpful indeed

  5. Bijoux- You can also fold a tea bag and ut it n this too.

    Gorilla- It's actually made of silicone.

    Chrys- I love tea too. I drink a lot of it.

    Pat- Yep, it is and it's cute.

  6. that's rather neat

  7. I have a few lose tea's, but I usually just buy bags as I find that easier. This monkey tea infuser looks adorable though and would definitely make drinking lose tea more fun. It also sounds like the teas stays inside pretty well, I had a few tea infusers, where it was a chore to make sure all the tea leaves stayed inside. I especially like how his head changes colour when the tea has steeped long enough!

  8. That is a cute gift idea for a tea lover.


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