Thursday, June 04, 2015

Review: Brave Beagle 100% Chicken Liver Gourmet Dog Treats

Product Description
MADE IN THE USA - In a GMP facility from USDA inspected meat
SINGLE INGREDIENT - No fillers or preservatives - just chicken liver (and lots of love)
GRAIN FREE - No grains and paleo friendly
A PURE TREAT - No hormones, antibiotics, dyes, or gluten
8 OZ PACKAGE - A big pouch of approx 240 treats! Suitable for small to large dogs

My Review
I was surprised at just how big a bag of treats this is. There's a lot of treats in this bag and I'm always looking for a new treat for my dog. I've only had my dog for 6 months and he's about a year old now and I like buying him new things to try. I opened the bag and he came running because he's nosy and thinks everything is for him and sometimes he's right. I gave him one of the treats and he ate it right away. So I put the bag down on my chair so I could get a picture of it and my dog sat there by the chair just staring at the bag. He wanted more of the treats, so I gave him another one. I waited a full day before giving him anymore just to make sure he wouldn't have any stomach problems and he didn't. Some treats and food can upset his stomach but I didn't have that problem with these treats and so I gave him another one this morning. If you're like me and don't eat liver and won't cook it for your dog to eat then this is a great treat to get them because it's actually good for them.

If you'd like to buy this, you can find it here

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.


  1. haha he sure looks ready for a treat or ten

  2. love how he's enthralled. :)

  3. Looks like a good treat, my pup wouldn't eat it though. He's a cheese lover. Lol

  4. Looks like good product for dogs.

  5. LOL he's too cute there waiting. I'm the same with Margarite. Always looking for something new she might enjoy :D

  6. I love that photo of him looking up at the bag longingly. My dog, Tara, would do that. Falcor certainly looks like he likes them.


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