Saturday, June 27, 2015

Review: Gwee Racer

Product Description

  The Racer is a cleaning kit that easily fits in any briefcase, desk drawer, handbag, backpack, or carrying case. Always handy when you need to clean your Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, PC, or Macbook

The Gwee Racer goes beyond simply wiping your screen by offering the valuable benefit of antimicrobial cleaning power via Ultra-Fresh™ technology. It effectively fighting the bacteria and fungus that frequently accumulate on plastics and other materials used in smart phones.

 A unique magnetic capability keeps the Gwee Racer™ secure in its holder while the holder conveniently attaches to the back of tablets, or Laptops using a special adhesive. This is an optional feature as the embedded magnets will often hold the Racer and its holder to your screen without using the adhesive. 

 The Gwee Racer™ comes with 3 additional cleaning pads that are also washable. The variety of fun and fashionable colors allows you to match your laptop sleeve, tablet case and desk accessories or simply your personal sense of style.

My Review

The Gwee Racer lets you attach this product to your touch screen so that you can clean the touch screen surfaces of your devices. I used this product to keep my laptop screen dust free and it worked very well for that purpose. I let my husband use this product to clean his touch screen Kindle and he loved how it kept his screen clean.  This product has an Anti-Microbial cleaning pad embedded inside to to give you a great clean on your touch pad surface. 

I liked that this worked on my laptop and got rid of the dust, bacteria and germs. It also has a sticky backing so you can stick this on the laptop or to the back of your ipad and it stays where you put it.  If you'd like to buy this product for yourself, you can find it here

Disclaimer: I was given a free sample of this product for review purposes. 


  1. interesting. glad it works well.

  2. That is interesting. I use Lysol wipes on my iPad and phone, which probably is not a great idea!

  3. Sure looks handy. I have Smoozy for that purpose. It is a small pluchie that looks like a rendeer and has a micro fiber cloth on the bottom so you can clean your screens with it. We have quite some micro fiber cloths here to clean stuff. Although this one sounds handy too, especially as you can so easily hold it and it's magenetic.

  4. That looks very handy. I just use a damp clothe now

  5. I just use the lcd screen cleaning wipes

  6. That looks useful. My new laptop seems to be a crazy dust magnet and I keep on forgetting to pick up anti-static wipes for it.

    My one worry would be the fact it has a magnet in it; I was always told to keep magnets away from screens. ;-)

  7. Very handy! I have a screen wiper, but its not anti-bacterial.


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