Monday, September 07, 2015

BeechBed Hen Bedding

*My brother with his rooster*

If you have chickens then you might be interested in BeechBed Hen Bedding

Here's some info from their website...

BeechBed Mix is a product cut from Michigan Hardwoods.

Our Hen Bedding is a safe and natural product for all egg laying hens. When it comes to your hen, BeechBed Mix will give your hens a comfortable egg laying environment that will give your hens years of comfort and extra warmth during the winter months.

When to change:
We recommend changing your nesting boxes once a week so your egg laying hens have a clean nest to lay eggs in. If there are more hens using one nest, the nest will have to be changed more frequently. (Monitor and change as needed.) See Note Below

I recommend changing your hen bedding frequently for two reasons: Hens are picky and will stop laying eggs or if the hen bedding gets too low, you will have more breakage of eggs from (scratching it out.) When the nest boxes are clean, the eggs stay cleaner too. 

Full house cleaning twice a year recommended.

In between cleanings of nest boxes, if it is predicted to be extra cold, you can add an extra layer of BeechBed Mix Hen Bedding to each of the nesting boxes for warmth.

Do you have chickens? What do you use in the hen house as bedding? Want to give this a try? You can go here to their website and check it out. 


  1. Never had chickens. Had peacocks and many pheasants though

    1. My brother has chickens and right now he's getting about 1 egg a day. Hardly seems worth it. lol

  2. My in laws started keeping chickens when they retired. We get some frigid weather around here so they definitely have to consider bedding.

  3. Cities around here are now forbidding keeping chickens! I think because of neighbor complaints.


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