Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Crest Pro Health Advanced Mouthwash

*Info from Bzzagent website*

Want a better dental checkup? Crest® Pro-Health Advanced Mouthwash advances you towards stronger teeth* for a healthier mouth. In just one minute twice a day, Pro-Health freshens breath, strengthens enamel, helps prevent cavities, kills bad breath germs and cleans teeth and gums—all without the burn of alcohol. Replace your old mouthwash with Pro-Health Advanced today!
*When added to a good oral care routine by strengthening enamel.

My Bzzkit from Bzzagent

Last month I received a free full size bottle of Crest Mouthwash and have been using it since I received it. I usually use Scope and I like it but this one is really good too. I liked the taste somewhat and the fact that it doesn't burn my mouth because there's no alcohol in it. I like the feeling I get after using it and I like that it gives me fresh breath for a long time. I also really like that my mouth isn't burning, my gums aren't burning and I don't feel like I need to dilute it with water just to keep the burn down like with alcohol based mouthwashes. I do think the taste of this product could use some tweeking because there is a slight offness about the taste that isn't pleasant but it is usable. 

Disclaimer: I received a free product because I'm a member of BzzAgent.


  1. Anything is better than Listerine. This stuff gives me canker sores.

  2. As long as something works it can taste like crap and I'll still use it

    1. Yeah but I probably won't buy this. Free is good though.

  3. I like the blue ones more than the regular ones

  4. I like that it has no alcohol in it AND tastes good. Thanks for the info! Hugs...Ro

  5. Sounds a great product!

  6. So many of those hurt my mouth. Good to hear this one was gentle but still worked!


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