Monday, November 09, 2015

Happy Raturday!

Photo courtesy of Cindy Rogers.

"Doin' time behind bars."

Photo courtesy of Cindy Rogers.

"Yes, I know you washed your hands, but you missed a spot."

Photo courtesy of Kayleigh Ballands.

"We're playing hide and seek. I don't think they'll find me here." 

Photo courtesy of Alana Patricia Caldwell.

"You forgot the treats again, didn't you?"

Photo courtesy of Kayleigh Ballands.

"Gonna party like it's 1999." 

Photo courtesy of Storms Rat Pack. 

"Someone forgot to turn their headlights off." 

*Picture courtesy of @MrRat395 on Twitter*

"I am sleeping, go away."


  1. oh, they're all precious!

  2. Those headlights are sure shining bright haha

  3. Awee the rats are adorable this week! I think my fave is Party Rat :D

  4. Ha! These are awesome. And I'm pretty sure I make that same face while conked out. Mine is MUCH less cute, however.

  5. my fav is the headlights one

  6. They are all so cute!

  7. So much cute! That third baby. Awwwws!

  8. I love the doing time one. Very cute.

  9. Aww that nose of that first rat in the picture is so adorable! It's so cute how rats like to lick your hands, I even had one rat who bit my chin now and then. And the one in the hammocks is too cute!

  10. Behind bars. LOL! But they're all adorable!


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