Saturday, December 26, 2015

Favorite Video of the Week

So if you didn't know already, I detest Ariana Grande. I detest her and her ear drum rupturing high screeching voice. So when I found this guy who does funny parodies and found this parody of one of her songs, I thought it was funny. You might not find it funny if you like her.


  1. That was really well done haha

  2. I actually like her voice, however, after the donut debacle, she ended up on the naughty list. Some things just can't be swept under the carpet. Great post!

    1. I don't like her voice but yeah that donut thing was too much.

  3. I HATED her brother on Big Brother last year! So annoying!

  4. Yeah not a fan of her either. She's so nasty.

  5. Well, based on the parody, I can see I've missed some controversy. LOL!


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