Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Review: Japan Candy Box

So a couple of months ago I decided to order a 3 month subscription of Japan Candy Box so I could give some of the candy to my son in law and daughter for Christmas. They both really like Anime and candy and I thought that getting some genuine Japanese candy would be interesting for them. This month's box was filled with interesting items. 

When you first open the box it has a card with what you've gotten and cute tissue paper. 

Inside the box was a selection of different candies and treats. 

This is everything that was in this month's box. I'm going to share a few of the treats that I tried. 

These cookies are so darn good. They have a soft crispy cookie on the outside and a soft creamy center. 

This looked interesting and it was. It tasted like different ice cream flavors in a chewy candy. 

I love gummi candies so I had to try these and they were really good. They tasted like I was eating an orange. 

Another gummi candy and this one was Mango flavored. I don't really like Mangoes all that much but this was really flavorful and tasted like the real thing. 

Each of these boxes is $20 but I prepaid for 3 boxes and this is the last one. I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase as I got to try some of the Japanese candies and I still have more than enough to give some to my daughter and son in law for Christmas in their baskets. 


  1. The ice cream one looks really interesting.

  2. Never knew ice cream flavors could be chewy candy

  3. This sounds good, and it would make really fun gift idea.

    1. Thanks, that's what I thought too.

  4. Those do sound good especially the orange gummies.

  5. I'm fussy when it comes to sweets but I liked the sound of some of these, especially the orange ones.

  6. Those cookies sound good! I think the chewy ice cream would freak me out. lol

  7. they look good


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