Friday, March 25, 2016

Product Review: Dapple Dish Soap/ Dapple Laundry Soap

Dapple was nice enough to send me 2 samples. One sample of Dish soap and one sample of Laundry soap. I know that if you have a baby or if you have sensitive skin, you're always on the look out for baby friendly or sensitive skin friendly soap and detergents. Well these products are baby-safe and eco-friendly cleaning products, 

The first sample I used was the Dapple Dish Soap. 

The sample was enough for me to do a whole sink full of dishes and it was great on greasy glasses and plates. It works as well as the dish soap I usually use and it didn't dry out my hands. I made lot of suds and left behind no residue or sticky feeling. 

Then we used the sample of Dapple Laundry Soap. It got an entire load of towels clean, soft and fluffy. 


  1. I have not heard of that brand.

  2. Not drying out on ones hands is good

  3. First time hearing about those. Sounds good!

  4. That's sweet. If it does the same job and protects your skin even better.

  5. That's nice it's eco friendly, baby safe and doesn't dry out your hands and even works as well as normal soap. The laundry soap I use is pretty good, but my hands do get dry if I use it a lot.


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