Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Product Review: Snacks Care Package Gift Assortment (40 Count)

Product Description: 

Snack Chest Crafted With Love 
Assortment Includes:
• 4 Grandmas Cookies (2.5 oz)
• 1 Snyders Pretzels (1.5 oz)
• 1 Gold Fish Crackers (1 oz)
• 1 Cheez It Original (1.5 oz)
• 1 Andys Hot Fries (0.85 oz)
• 1 Chex Mix (1.75 oz)
• 1 m&m Cookies (1.6 oz)
• 2 Fiber One Oats & Chocolate (1.4 oz)
• 3 Rice Krispies (0.78 oz)
• 5 Welches Fruit Snacks (0.9 oz)
• 3 Airheads (0.55 oz)
• 4 Laffy Taffy (0.34 oz)
• 1 Lemon Head (1.08 oz)
• 1 Cherryhead (1.08 oz)
• 1 Mike & Ike (0.78 oz)
• 6 Peanut Chews (0.30 oz)
• 4 Planters Peanuts (1 oz)

*Just a few of the snacks in the box. *

My Review

I love all the different snack boxes with different single serve treats that are available. I've actually tried quite a few of them and their nice to have around when company comes over or when my grandson comes over and he can pick a snack to have. I wish that these kinds of boxes had been around back when my daughter was in school and I was packing her a lunch because one of these boxes of snacks would have lasted quite a while and she would have been able to enjoy a different snack each day. 

There are 40 snacks in this box and for the price of $19.95 at the time I ordered it, that's not bad. I was happy with the size of the packages in this box because sometimes the sizes are really small and that's a bit of a let down, but I didn't have that problem with this box. 

This would also make a great care package for someone in college, deployed, or just a thoughtful gift. I know when I've had boxes like this sent to me I always really like them, so I know others would as well. If you'd like to buy this snack box, you can find it here

Disclosure: I received this product free in exchange for an honest review.


  1. i'd eat it all at once!

  2. I have had every thing in that box except for the Hot Fries and the Cherryhead.

    1. The hot fries were a new one for me too and they are good. Salty but good.

  3. I think it is definitely something that would make great gift box for our soldiers overseas. A great way to show your support for them. Glad you included that in your suggestion. Looks like a great deal. :-)

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

    1. Oh definitely. It really was. I really like these snack boxes and there are so many of them.

  4. Sure has a ton in that one that many would give a run

  5. They do look like they are good size packages. Great deal!

    1. Oh yeah they were nice sized packs.

  6. I agree that this would have been awesome putting together school lunch and having kids over. Care packs too. And that price sounds reasonable for 40 snacks.

    1. I agree. It's a pretty reasonable price for what's in the box.

  7. Mmmm now I want some hot fries. This would also be good for someone who always has the munchies. lol

    1. Oh yes indeed. My husband loves to snack and sometimes has the munchies..lol

  8. Yum! Yay for them all being a decent size too! Not bad on the price at all.

  9. Hmm those snack boxes you get always look fun! Glad to know the sizes are good of this one, at least you get worth for your money then. And these would be great for lunches, with how they are all packed separately and you can easily pack them with their lunch.


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