Saturday, February 25, 2017

Favorite Video of the Week

I love this because this guy dives and looks on the the river bed for lost treasures. He's found GoPro's, Knives, fishing equipment, jewelry and even a gun. He's reunited people with their lost phones, GoPro's and handed the gun over to the police. But what I really loved is that he will help wildlife that have fishing lines, lures, hooks ect caught on them and then sets them free.


  1. Oh my word. That would be a HUGE effing no for me personally-- natural bodies of water freak me out. But very cool to see what he's doing and aw on helping all the animals. What a great guy.

  2. God knows what is in such nasty water now, brave guy for going in them. And great he helps out the wildlife too

    1. There's all kinds of stuff down there.

  3. shows how easily we lose things

  4. This is neat, and I love that he helps the animals he finds as well. Hopefully no bodies!!

  5. Wow! That is so cool. And it's neat how it helps folks and the animals that are caught. Looks like he's smart about it all, too.

  6. This man is pretty dang phenomenal, and I love his kindness! Hugs...


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