Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Book Review: Off Leash by Jenna Anderson


Book Description

A fun, quick ebook! Approximately 77 pages. Candice Gunderson and her purebred pooch, Phoebe, are driving through the Indiana countryside on their way to an appointment with a dog breeder. If all goes as planned, the “meeting” with Charles the Conqueror will result in a lovely litter of puppies.

 Unfortunately, Candice is hopelessly lost, the GPS in her car has gone haywire, and she needs to find a bathroom in the worst way. The pair pulls up alongside a little house in hopes of finding some helpful inhabitants. What she finds is Bull Ramsey, a cute farmer, and his mutt, Jack, who is more than happy to have a “meeting” of his own with Phoebe. Candice is determined to maintain control of the situation and prove she is an independent woman. A few unexpected events and mischievous farm animals won’t interfere with her plans. She can handle this, right? 

~ * ~ Dear Reader: Are you on your way to sit through another soccer practice? Looking forward to a soak in the tub? Did you just finish an intense read and your mind is a bit frazzled? Well, I’d like to suggest this sweet romance novella for your reading pleasure. 

Off Leash is a light, quick read full of silliness, dogs, budding romance, and maybe even a goat or two. The story is 27,000 words or approximately 80 print pages. You have just enough time for that. Enjoy. ~ Jenna

My Review

Candace is on her way with her dog, Phoebe to a dog breeder in the hopes of breeding her dog with another pedigreed dog. She hopes to not only get some cute puppies but make a little money from the sale of the puppies. But she gets lost when her GPS isn't working and her phone dies. So she pulls off to the side of the road because as they say, nature calls. 

Phoebe gets loose and runs onto a farm where she meets a male dog, a mutt and Candace is not happy that the dogs end up doing what dogs might do in that situation. When Mark (Bull), the owner of the other dog comes out to see what's going on, he's met with a very upset Candace. 

Candace is from the city and a little snobbish but that's probably because the people she's around are all snobbish and fake. So she's not sure what to make of Mark and his laid back attitude. 

I found this quick read very comical. It made me laugh on more than on occasion. I really liked how Mark was so laid back and patient with her. She hadn't eaten anything and he offers to make something for her and that was the beginning of the fun between them. The dogs had me laughing with their antics like rolling around in the mud. A mud covered dog is never, not funny. This was a fun, quick read. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. 


  1. It does sound like fun - which we all need.

  2. I love a book that makes you laugh out loud.

  3. Yes, that one does sound loaded with cuteness and I like that he was easygoing about things.

  4. This does sound like a super fun read.

  5. Short and fun is always good!

  6. So cute and fun... the perfect in-between-books story. Thanks for letting me know about it.

  7. I do enjoy stories with a dose of humor.

  8. Oh this does sound like some good fun! I'll add it to my TBR.

  9. Glad this was a fun one! We need fun reads sometimes.


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