Thursday, February 08, 2024

Book Review: Her Captive Wolf by Kristen Strassel


Book Description

When I get word of an illegal dogfighting ring on the edge of town, I’ll do everything in my power to stop it. Once we bring those dogs back to Forever Home animal shelter and get them cleaned up, we realize they’re not dogs.

They’re wolves.

Doesn’t matter--we’ll nurse them back to health and give them a second chance at life before releasing them into the wild. I have to admit, I’m getting attached to the blue-eyed wolf who won’t leave my side.

And on the full moon, they shift.

That blue-eyed wolf—his name is Shadow and he says I’m his mate. He’s got long dark hair streaked with white, muscles for days, and he’s so gentle with me, even after everything he’s been through.

The wolves call themselves the Sawtooth pack. They’re broken, throwaway wolves that were enslaved, abused, and deemed unworthy of mates. Taking a human mate is forbidden, but Shadow’s willing to lay everything on the line to claim me.

Those enemies who captured the pack want to put these wolves in their place, and they have the perfect target to get the job done. Me.

My Review

Shadow and his brothers are wolf shifters. They had been kidnapped and held against their will to fight in the dog fighting ring against others who were also held there against their will. They don't know how they'll survive or escape until Trina brings the authorities down on the dog fighting ring and they are all rescued. 

Trina owns a no kill animal shelter and brings them all back to her shelter but the vet tells her that they aren't dogs, but wolves. She's shocked but plans on nursing them back to health and setting them free. Meanwhile Shadow and the others are too weak to shift back until the next full moon because they have been starved, beaten, abused and forced to stay in their animal forms for months. So while they wait for the full moon Shadow stays close to Trina and even comes back home with her because he's so friendly with her and she doesn't feel like the wolf will harm her. 

Once the full moon comes and they shift into their human forms, there's a lot for Trina and the others who work at the shelter to come to grips with. Plus now the guy who held them hostage is putting Trina in danger for shutting down the dog fights. 

Watching Trina and Shadow get to know each other and fall for each other was so much fun. The action that happened as they were put in more danger trying to bring the bad guys to justice made the story very exciting to read. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. 


  1. I hate the people who set up animal fighting for entertainment! Those people should go to jail! Sounds like a good story where this bad guy gets some justice. Glad it was a hit, Mary!

  2. That sounds pretty interesting. Dog fighting is pure evil.

  3. People abusing animals should be put behind bars. Tina is an heroine, and Shadow is getting close to her.

  4. I do like an exciting read. But poor wolves!


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