Friday, May 24, 2024

Freebie Friday!


Welcome to another weekly Freebie Friday post, where I tell you what free samples and full sized products I received in the mail and how you can get them too. Someone asked me why I do a "Freebie Friday" each week, so I'll tell you.

A while back I listed all the free samples and wins that I had received that previous year and so many people didn't believe that I could have gotten so many free things. So I decided to prove it by taking a picture every week and sharing the sites that I found the links to the freebies at. So now you too can get great free samples coming to your mailbox each week.

  You can find links to great samples at Hey It's Free and Freebie Shark.

What Did I Receive This Week?

Several perfume samples from Macy's. 
Davines OI All In One Milk- Leave in conditioner. 
I won a phone ring from Hidden Valley Ranch Ranchology
And another perfume sample. 

The perfume samples are all so nice. Gucci Flora is really nice. I like flowery type scents. 
The leave in conditioner is nice. The phone ring is in the shape of a ranch bottle which made me laugh but it works great so I'm using it. lol 

Did you receive any freebies this week?


  1. It is so lovely when the freebies are actually nice LOL

  2. It sounds like you did really well this week.

  3. I’ve never heard of a phone ring, but it’s pretty funny!

    1. It's one of those things like a popsocket you put on the back of your phone so you can hold it easier.

  4. Perfume samples are fun! I'm always wary of buying a whole bottle of perfume because what if my tastes change? I do like samples--I can mix it up without having to commit to an expensive whole product.

  5. Perfume samples - the more, the better.

  6. I always love perfume samples.

  7. Yay for fun free stuff! :D

  8. I'm a fan of floral scents, too. Your samples seem great and fun that the Ranch bottle phone rings works great.

    None for me this week. Have a good weekend, Mary!

  9. I hope you enjoy the holiday weekend!

  10. Those were really cool freebies, ya done good!


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