Friday, February 26, 2010

Do you have an obsession?

I think alot of us obsess about different things at different times. if I know I have an article half done I sit and think about it until I go and finish it. It just has to get done! I tried having three or four articles half done. doing research for them all at th same time and writing a little bit each day, but that didn't work out too well. I found myself obsessing about getting them done.

So now I wait until I have the time to do one whole article and finish the darn thing. Done...until the next one.

Then I start obsessing about what I should write the next article on. How many ways can you write about how to care for your hamster. Or, The best foods to feed your pet rat. Maybe I should branch out to other

When I know something has to be done, I have this need to get it done...NOW!. it can't wait until tomorrow, it can't wait until dinner is cooked...No it needs to get done now.

If I have a doctor's appointment the next day I'll have a hard time sleeping because I know that I have to go do something the next day and I want to get it done and over with. But I'm the same way about doing the grocery shopping, getting the car gassed up, doing the laundry, filling out paperwork...ect. if it needs to be it now.

yep, I'm a bit obsessed.

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