Friday, February 26, 2010

My mom's new dog

Shih Tzu (pronounced Shit-zu) lol

Last month my mom's 17 year old Lhapso Apso died. She had him cremated and his ashed are in this really cute little wooden box. She was really really attached to that dog and when he died she felt alone.

she kept saying she wasn't going to get another dog but then today she decided to go down to the shelter that is right around the corner from her and just 'see' what they had and if she found a dog she really liked.

She said she spent almost 4 hours there looking at this dog and that dog, petting long haired dogs, even a sweet little pit bull, who layed her head in my mom's lap.

My mom is in a wheel chair most of the time but she can get up and walk for shrt amounts of time, so she needed a dog that wasn't afraid of the motorized wheelchair and some of them were.

Then the lady brought out what my mom thought was a little puppy. My mom said it looked like a small ball of fur. But she was actually a four year old full grown Shih Tzu, that is so small she weighs less than 4 lbs.

I asked her...4 lbs? Seriously? That's a lil dog. But the dog who's name is cup cake, was laying in my mom's lap, tring to crawl into her pockets, and she said when cup cake looked up at her with those little brown eyes she knew she found the dog she wanted.

So Cup Cake is being spayed tomorrow morning and microchipped and my mom can pick her up after 6pm. The shleter aso gave my my a carrier, blanket and a large bag of Science diet food and a coupon for one free well doggie check up for anytime in the next year for Cup Cake...all for free!


  1. I'm sure your Mom will have hours of pleasure and good company in her future with Cupcake. We lost our little dog last year, and it's like this big hole in our lives. I miss Scotty so much. We're off on holiday for 6 weeks very soon but hope to foster pets once we return for the SPCA. As much as we miss Scotty we're not ready to replace her yet.

  2. I'm she she will have great fun with her.

    I understand completely. I lost my two rats last year and haven't yet had the heart to adopt another one.


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