Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Wish List

Did you know that you can share you amazon wish list if you make it public so others can find you? If you do this people who might want to can then pick things off your wish list to send to you either anonymously or with a note. I've sent gifts this way to my sister for her birthday and to a few friends around their birthdays as well as the other day for christmas. I think it's a great way to make sur ethe person you are getting a gift for actually gets something they wanted and it's a great way to do something nice for someone when they don't know they will be getting it.

So I thought I would also share my wish list in case someone wants to do the same for me and send me a gift. lol Hey, it's almost christmas and who doesn't love gifts, right? lol

My Wish List.

if you have one you should share it on your blog and see what hapenns as well.


  1. Wish lists are a great idea - bit like present lists for weddings. I'd definitely do one at Amazon if I lived in the US. I hope you get some of the things on your list. :)


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