Friday, December 09, 2011

My Weekly Wrap up

This week has been a stressful one for me but also full of good news as well. Yes, for once I have good news as well as the bad to share.

My younger brother has been having some bad stomach pains for the past month so when he went to the doctor they scheduled some tests and today when he got some of the results he was told he had several ulcers as well as a stomache nodule that they are going to do a biopsy on. But the doctor doesn't think it's anything to worry about, which is good news.

I got a letter in the mail from the state telling me that I owed them $1700.00 from my deceased mother's estate.

I looked at it and read it several times before getting incredibly pissed off.

What it was: My mother was on disability and she got medicaid which paid for her doctor visits and medications. Well they wanted to try and recoup as much of the money that had been pain by medicaid from any money, property ect left in my mothers estate after she passed away.

There was $1700.00 in my mothers bank account when she passed away and they wanted it back. Now granted half of that was spent to get family here on a plane for the funeral, the funeral itself and the rest was halved between me and my brothers.

I was freaking out thinking I was going to have to make some sort of payment arrangements to pay this money to the state but the good news is, after calling the woman and answering a few questions...she told me that I wasn't going to be liable for the money being paid back and I just had to send her a few completed forms filled out and that would be done with.

I still don't understand how they are going to come after the family 6 months after someone has passed away and the money is gone, it's crazy.

Other good news for me this week is...I won 10 books this week. Count them 10! I just received 4 of them and am waiting for the others. It's been a good book week for me. lol

I have 2 other books coming that i pre ordered a few months ago with an amazon gift card that I that's 2 more free books to dd to the count for this week...and I also won a $10.00 Amazon gift card from a blog contest as well as cashed in my swagbucks points for some Amazon gift cards...With all those gift cards I bought myself a pretty sterling silver and black onyx ring and bought a friend of mine a dvd from her Amazon wish list and sent it to her since she has her wish list set to public and people can see it and send her things off it. I love that feature..she doesn't even know anything is coming until it gets there. I figure I had a good week, may as well make someone else happy too.

Merry soon to be Christmas


  1. Mary, it sounds as if you've had a real up and down week. I'm glad to hear the doctor thinks your brother will be okay. As for the other, all I can say is what? I'm glad you've sorted that as well. Congrats on the books! Happy reading :)


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