Monday, March 12, 2012

Lies and Potatoes

Well let me start out with the liar. I have tried talking to someone who keeps telling me that they are never online and that's why they haven't emailed me back.


Is that why your FB page has something new on it everyday for the past three days that I've checked?

I am not stalking this person..I'm not..really! Stop looking at me like that. O.o

I also noticed that they read several yahoo articles because it's posted right to FB over the past three days, but they don't have the time to email me?

Yeah. If ya don't want to talk to someone,...just frickin say so. Don't lie about it.

Lying is the worst thing you can do in my book. At least to me.

Oh and if you say you want people to tell the truth to you, you have to keep in mind they might actually do that. So you can't get mad at them when they tell you, you need to brush your teeth before you get a kiss because you have sewer breath. Ok, just thought I would mention it, not that it has happened to me or anything.

Ok, maybe it did but it a long time ago and teenage guys seem to really get annoyed when you tell them they stink like sewer water, who would have guessed. *shrugs*

Now on to the potatoes.

I recently bought a 10lb bag of russet potatoes, a tub of sour cream and some real butter. I planned on having baked potatoes for a few nights with dinner in the coming weeks.

Only when I went to open and use one of the potatoes tonight I noticed it was...well...rotten, disgusting-smelling like a decomposing body ...awful smelling.

Now usually when you get one bad potato you will find that some of the other potatoes have gone bad that are sitting right next to the offending foul spud. So I picked up a few next to the odoriferous potato and wouldn't you know it...they were leaking spud juice as well. Just like a bloated corpse after it bursts from the putrification of rot. Yep, it smells just like that and there's not enough sour cream or butter in the world to make that taste good.

I looked a little more even though the smell was really starting to get to me and ended up throwing away the whole bag of potatoes because a few potatoes had leaked rot juice all over the other potatoes and I wasn't going to cook them and have to smell rotten potato gut smell all over my place.

So now what do I do with all that butter and sour cream?

I know, I'll go get a few


  1. Ugh! Rotten potatoes are really gross.

  2. Yeah, they really are.

  3. Ugh, gross. Putrid potato smell is one of the worst!


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