Saturday, May 26, 2012

A New Scrapbook Page- Hamsters

I have so many loose pictures laying around, especially since my mother passed away and I inherited all her pictures. I've been putting some in scrapbooks and some in albums and I've got about 400 pictures put away at this point. 

But while I was doing all that I cam across a few pictures of the hamsters we've had as pets and knew I had some fun scrapbook pages, cardstock, cut outs ect.. in my bag. so I put this page together the other day and wanted to share it with you. 

This was Sniffy, he was such a character. he was the most lovable little hamster. 
I thought the 'fleas' thought bubble went really well with the look on his little face. 

This is what the whole page looks like.

As you can see, we've had quite a few hamsters. 

I found a tiny picture of Buster, our big hamster and put a small cupcake sticker in his paws. You can't really see if from this fuzzy picture, but it's adorable. 

This is Cuddles peeking out from atop a hamster cage. She loved the space on top and always made it her bed. I bought her from a pet store in the mall, even though I don't usually buy from pet stores. But the store was going out of business and she was going to be going to the shelter the next day. The thing is a few days after I brought her home...she gave birth to 5 healthy little babies. I didn't even know there were babies in the cage until I heard the squeaking. I kept all the babies their entire lives. 

We ended up with three boys and two girls. It was so much fun raising babies to adulthood. Cuddles was a great mama. 

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  1. Cool. I've always thought I should try scrap booking. I bet the squeaking at the bottom of the page was surprising.

  2. LOL I've put together three scrapbooks now and it's been fun. There are so many embellishments to go on pages now, there's just too much to choose from.

  3. I had a love/hate relationship with my of them I really loved...and the other, well...let's just say that it was eye-opening watching her eat her offspring!

  4. I tried scrapbooking when I was 25. Did two pages and abandoned the project. So silly, I know.

  5. Elf, sometimes hamsters will do that when they don't feel comfortable in their surroundings. Other times they do it because they detect something wrong with the babies and sometimes they do it because they are neurotic.

    Amberr you should try again. it's a lot of fun once you get into it.


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