Monday, May 28, 2012

Photo Album Memories

I realize that with the digital age most people aren't buying actual photo albums anymore, but I have so many old pictures that have to be put away that I needed a few more photo albums. This pretty black one is the latest one I've bought. I still have several hundred of my mom's old photos to put away in either photo albums or in scrapbooks. I also have post cards from my grandmas trip to Germany back in the 80's. 
I like my digital camera but nothing beats a picture that you can hold and put into an album. Yes, I'm old school. 

This is my mom and step dad. 

My brother went to california and took pictures of our grandfathers grave. This is my mothers father. I know you can't really see what it says but it says..

Charles C. Sherman
US Army
World War II
1923-  Feb 19 1984

Here's my mom with her dog Cupcake. I'm really glad I have all these pictures. I'm known in my family as the picture keeper. I have over 20 large photo albums and many more digital pictures saved on disks, photo bucket and in my email but I still like the printed pictures the best. I like photo albums that I can take out and share the pictures with others. My daughters likes them too and she told me when she gets older she wants to inherit all my pictures, which is fine with me. I'm glad to hear someone else wants to carry on what I've been doing. 

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  1. It's great that you're keeping the photos. In the exact opposite, my hubby has just scanned a whole lot of our photos into digital form. LOL

  2. lol I like both. I still have a bunch of digital photos but there's something special about paper photos.

  3. I like both my digital and my photo albums. When my mom died I got all her albums and can spend hours enjoying the memories.

  4. I can too amberr.


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