Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This Looks Safe..

So this is what happens when I have to take my own pictures. lol This is the over hang above the apartment doors right across the courtyard from me. Last week when it rained the over hang started falling down. Completely detached from the stucco and Plasterboard that is the overhangs. 

So what did my apartment manger decide to do? He decided to have a contractor come out and just brace all the stuff that was falling down in the walkway with some 4X4's (Wood). 

Now doesn't that look safe? Those are two apartment doors right there and the guy in the one on the right has two small kids. If those kids start kicking or knock one of those support beams down...the rest of that overhang is going to come down on them...yeah that seems safe to me...My gawd what an idiot!


  1. Holy crapamundo, that looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen. You'd think the property manager would be more concerned for his bosses pocketbook if not his own and the safety for tenants. A guy could get fired for creating a lawsuit for the owner. Sheesh.

  2. I know, it's completely nuts, right? He's been asked when it's gonna get fixed and his answer is always...I don't know. I just hope it doesn't rain again anytime soon or this is gonna come crashing down.

  3. I agree with Shelley. Looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen. Your landlord is a moron.

  4. I meant Cassandra! I'm still working on coffee....

  5. lol I know..Hope he gets it fixed soon.


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