Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wheat Grass Experiment: The Rats

So yesterday I told you how I bought the wheat grass kit, grew it and was going to give it to my rats. Here's what happened. 

I put the wheat grass in their cage, they sniffed it, pulled out a couple of stalks of grass and chewed them a little, spit it out and sniffed at it a little more. 

Hades, my black and white rat only sniffed it for a few minutes before heading off to the bed and going to sleep. Pretty much telling me he could care less about it. lol 

Ares on the other hand looked like he wanted to play with it for a while. He stayed out, walking around it, sniffing it, test biting a few blades of the grass. 

Then Hades came back out to see what all the commotion was about and sniffed the grass again for a few minutes while Ares just wanted to see why we had the door open. 

Hades and Ares sniffed it and that was pretty much it. I even folded over a little of the grass so they could sniff more of it and they ignored it. 

A few times Ares stuck his whole face into the middle of the grass, just sniffed and then ignored it some more. 

Ares was more concerned about cleaning his face after sniffing the grass than he was about playing or eating the grass. 

I pulled a few more blades of grass out and gave it to them to chew on. They chewed on the bottom part of the grass but didn't eat it, just spit it out. They just weren't interested. 

"Hey mom, where's my real treat?" 

I left the Wheat Grass in their cage for 3 hours and the most they did was sniff and move this wheat grass experiment was a bust. Although I did get some great pictures of my 


  1. LOL Pets can be so contrary at times. You could always pop a few small treats in the middle of the grass and see if they'll search them out.

  2. Pets can be just as picky as people.

  3. They sure do keep my on my toes. lol


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