Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wheat Grass Experiment

A few days ago I ordered this Wheat Grass Kit from Amazon. I've been told by numerous friends who have rats that their rats love this stuff and will play with it as well as eat it. I even found a few youtube videos of rats playing and eating with it. So I bought a kit and grew it to see if my boys would like it. 

I got the kit and followed the directions. You spread the soil in the plastic container and soak the seeds in water for 6 hours and then spread the seeds at the top of the soil. Water the whole thing and put a wet paper towel over it with a piece of placis wrap on top of that to keep the paper towel from drying out and water it right on top of the paper towel every day for three days. So I did that. 

After three days my wheat grass was big enough to push the paper towel right off the top. Still keeping it in a cool dry place out of the sunlight, you let it grow until it is 5-6 inches tall, watering it everyday.
This is the wheat grass after 4 days. It grew really fast. 

This is 5 days. 

And this is 7 days after I first planted the seeds on top of the soil. After the 4th day this stuff grew so fast that I actually stuck a toothpick in the side to measure how much it was growing each day. Between day 6 and 7 it actually doubled in size. 

So how did my rats like it? Stay tuned until tomorrow when I'll post pictures of my rats and their wheat grass. 


  1. I hope for your sake that it is only the perspective that makes the wheat grass look like it is about to take over your entire apartment! Otherwise, I will have to wonder how much you have been feeding your rat babies, or whether you live near a nuclear power plant, lol.

  2. LMAO omg you are too funny. I was holing it and trying to take the picture, it's only a small plastic carton. :)

  3. Good grief. It looks as if it's going o take over. You'll wake in the morning and not be able to grout of your bedroom.

  4. The wheatgrass kind of reminded me of Don King's hair. LOL


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