Monday, December 17, 2012

Gun Control, Crazies and Mental Illness

Two posts in one day, ridiculous right? I could have saved this post for another day but this has been on my mind for a few days, ever since that psycho went on a shooting spree and people starting raising their voices about harsher gun control.

Yes, this does happen every single time there's a tragedy like this one. But is gun control or harsher gun laws really a bad idea? I don't think so.

Those countries that have gun control laws, less guns available to their citizens have seen less killings by guns. It's a simple fact. Just look up the statistics, they are right there for anyone to see. They exist and are fact, not something someone is making up.

Do I think that it should be darn hard to get a gun? Yes, I do. The 2nd amendment needs to be changed because not everyone should be able to have a gun.

If you have a mental should not have a gun.
If you have someone in your home who has a mental should not have a gun.
If you have ever threatened someone with a should not be able to have a gun.
If you drink should not be able to have a gun.
If you smoke pot, I don't care if it's medical should not be able to have a gun.
If you have kids in your home under the age of 18, you should not be able to have a gun.
If you have EVER threatened suicide or don't get a gun even if you aren't under a psychiatrists care.

It does not matter to me if you are a Veteran and want a gun. If you have any mental problems at all, you should not have one.

In order to have a gun you should have to pass a psychological test. If you are found to have weird thoughts and can't pass don't get to take the test again, you don't pass go, you don't collect $200, you don't ever get a gun.

You should have to take a class on gun safety and pass the test. If you can't pass the don't get a gun.

You should have to have gun locks, a gun safe and there should be random inspections where the police come to inspect how you are storing your guns. If you are found to have them out where someone else can get at them, they aren't locked up or are accessible to should lose your guns for good.

 The federal government could close the gun-show loophole, which allows unlicensed dealers to sell used guns without conducting background checks on buyers. It could enhance the background-check system to search more thoroughly for evidence of mental illness. It could ban assault weapons, or weapons with large magazines that are only useful if one intends to kill a lot of human beings very quickly.

You should have to have a reason to have a for instance. They should not be given out to just anyone.

Yes, I realize that guns don't kill people...people kill people but some of those people were holding guns to do it. Why not make it harder for the bad guys. Get rid of the guns. Change the 2nd amendment.

I also want to say that not all people with mental illness are going to go off the deep end and go off on a killing spree. It's not fair to lump everyone who has any kind of mental illness in with people like that guy who killed all those kids. It takes a special kind of scumbag to be able to do something like that.

I have my own reasons for feeling the way I do. One reason is when I was 12 years old my mom's boyfriend shot himself in the head, right in front of me. But not before I thought he was going to kill me and he told me that it was all my fault. I was told by my grandparents not to tell anyone what I had seen, so I lived with that until I was 18 and finally had a mental breakdown.

About a year later my mom took the same gun that her boyfriend had killed himself with, got drunk and shot a bullet into the adjoining wall between our bedrooms. The bullet landed 6 inches above my head in the wall I was leaning on in my bedroom. The gun was taken away from her when I called the police but no charges were filed against her.

I have a mentally ill, pot smoking, alcoholic family member that last year got drunk and high and went on a bit of a rampage. He pistol whipped a person in a store, threatened another person at a bar and then turned the gun on his own wife and shot the wall near her. He's out of jail and awaiting trial.

There's the argument that if guns aren't available the bad guys will find something else to use. Fine, let them find something else. More people are afraid of guns, but if they see someone trying to stab others with a knife, someone might stop the person and not as many people might die.

I've also heard the argument that if gun laws are made more stricter that only the bad guys will have the guns. I don't believe that to be true. Once the gun laws are there, anyone found to be in possession of a gun who doesn't have a permit to have one, should have it taken away. A lot of the guns will eventually get off the streets.

But this is just my opinion....


  1. I agree with some of your points but I still think that everyone should be required to carry a gun. if someone in that school had a weapon he sure would not have been able to kill all of those poor kids and teachers, thats right I think every person in this country should be REQUIRED to carry, if it was known by sickos that they may be shot before doing what there sick mind was telling them to do they might have second thoughts. I know you are going to disagree with me but this is only my opinion

  2. I can understand your opinion. But we can agree to disagree.

  3. I think everyone (who has been checked out by a psychologist) should have a gun. Arm the teachers and everyone else in public venues and less crazies would be able to get away with it and think twice about walking into a school or elsewhere with a murderous spree in mind.

  4. I'm just not sure that wouldn't make things worst.


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