Monday, December 17, 2012

It's a Christmas Tree...not a Holiday Tree

I think the politically correct BS has got to stop. Our tree's were called Christmas Tree's for a very long time and even people who didn't celebrate the holiday let their kids be in the school productions and sing Christmas songs, have Christmas parties, decorate their classrooms for Christmas and do Christmas crafts...because it was fun for the kids. 

Now because of a few and I do mean few people none of those things happen for kids anymore in most school's and that's damn sad. 

The funny thing is I'm not even Christian. For a very long time I considered myself to be Wiccan but after my mom passed away, things just didn't make sense anymore and I lost what little bit of faith I had for anything and now consider myself Agnostic and have for the past year. 

But I don't think it matters what faith you are when it comes to this type of thing. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Just because a few people have a problem with what some of the religious holidays stand for, especially Christmas..they have made it their mission to make sure the rest of us have a hard time celebrating in the way we always have. 

I even know a few Athiests and other Agnostics that celebrate Christmas because their kids want to. Their kids would feel bad if their family didn't have a tree like everyone else did and they didn't hand out presents like their friends did, so their parents have the Christmas tree, the decorations and presents because it makes their kids happy. 

So what's wrong with that? Nothing...that's what.

I'm not changing the way I celebrate Christmas or say Merry Christmas to people just because a few idiots have it in their minds to make everyone feel bad because they do so. You know you can't go into some stores and wish the employee's a Merry Christmas because if they say it back to you they can get fired. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. 

No matter what your religion/faith is...if it's a holiday just wish everyone a merry day. 

If it's Christmas, wish everyone a Merry Christmas.
If it's Kwanzaa, just wish everyone a Happy Kwanzaa. 
If it's Hanukkah, wish everyone a Happy Hanukkah.
If it's Yule, wish everyone a Happy Yule. 
If it's the Winter Solstice, just wish everyone a Happy Winter Solstice. 

How hard is that? 


  1. I don't understand the need to be so PC. It's as if we bend over backward to ensure no hurt feelings and create a muddle instead.
    I think the genuine feeling behind the good wishes are what is important.

  2. To hell with PC. I'm sick of it all. No wonder I don't like many people and savor working at home so I can avoid most of the nation's asinine assholes.


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