Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Christmas Tree

We finally put the Christmas Tree up the other day. Yes, I have a fake white tree. I like it though. 

It's been years since we had a real tree, but I've always wanted a white tree and now we have one. If I want that real tree smell...I'll get a candle. lol 

My Santa, he's 2 ft' tall. 

My little snowman candles. 

So do you have a real or fake tree? How do you get that real tree smell if you have a fake one? I love some of the candles that smell like real tree's, there's also the air freshener. 


  1. I love your tree!

    I'm not much for the Christmas tree smell, and I'm super lazy so I stick with an artificial :)

  2. Thank you!

    I love the smell and kinda miss having a real tree but it's so much cheaper and less messy to have a fake one.

  3. What a lovely tree. I have a fake one, too, with built in lights. So much easier and results in no trees being killed.

  4. Mine had built in lights but after two years they went out so I added more. I couldn't figure out how to fix the broken ones.

  5. Your Santa has a very luxurious beard!

  6. lol Yeah Santa does have a nice beard.

  7. I only get a tree once in awhile...and if I do it's one of the little ones in a pot because...one of these days I will keep it alive when I try to transplant it! Happy Holidays to you and your family.


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