Friday, December 14, 2012

Pictures of the new rats

Bandit and Fang wondering where the yogi's are. 

Fang eating a bit of rice.

Marbles getting up close and personal with the camera.

Marbles cleaning his face.

Patches playing tug of war with my camera strap. 

Bandit eating some rice. 


  1. I enjoy your rat photos. They all seem to have very distinct personalities.

  2. Oh they sure do. Fang loves to get petted. He climbs out and into my arms now and just sits there getting petted.

    Bandit is the one with ADHD...LOL He can't sit still for longer than a few minutes before he's wanting to come out and run all over the couch. The other two are very mellow.

  3. They look pretty happy in the new palace, and they couldn't be in better hands.

  4. Thanks, they seem to be very happy.


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