Monday, February 04, 2013


My brother had chickens at one point when he lived out in Pahrump, Nevada. This is one of the chickens he had and the coop is right next to him. 

it's funny, I had chickens when i lived in West Virginia and we had fresh eggs every day, but I'll never forget one day cracking an egg in the pan and seeing red streaks in the egg...guess it got sat on for too long..really icked me out. 

I made sure I was out there bright and early from now on after that to get those eggs each morning. lol 


  1. Blah that would ick me out too.

  2. Free range hens are the worst. When they hide their nests it's sometimes hard to know how old the eggs are. I've learned to do the test where you put the eggs in water and see if they float. Getting a weird egg is gross!

  3. I got so many weird eggs when I lived in West Virginia. Not fun.

  4. My step-sister raises roosters, and she has one with magnificent blue and purplish feathers. He's gorgeous!


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