Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Smart Meters

Last year Nevada Power changed all the power meters to the Smart Meters but some residents are not at all happy about this change. Some are afraid that these meters are going to make them sick and some are afraid because they transmit your power usage data through a radio signal every 15 minutes back to Nevada Power. So your privacy is essentially gone. They can tell when you are using more power, when you turn the electric oven on, the vacuum and when things are off and you might not be home because power usage is so low. This information gets transferred back to Nevada power every 15 minutes, every single day. Nevada Power says they signals are sent 48 times per day, so that might be every 30 minutes according to them. But still....48 times per day.

Here are just a few of the stories in the local news about the new smart meters.

Las Vegas Sun

13 Action News

Fox 5 News

I heard that people say they are getting sick from having just one of the smart meters on the back of their homes. If there is any merit to these claims at all, I want to know what about apartment buildings like mine where all 8 smart meters are on the back bedroom wall of ONE apartment.

If people are saying they are getting sick from the radio signals of just one smart meter, then how sick is the person who has the unlucky misfortune of being in the apartment that has 8 of the smart meters on the outside of his bedroom wall. That's the way it is here in my apartment complex.

We were forced to accept these new smart meters, we were not given a real choice. Some of the people who threw fits and were finally given an option and opted not to get them were going to be charged a $100 fee not to get them followed by $14.86 every month. *I actually don't know for sure if people were charged or are charged this fee right now since I have the smart meter*

I don't think enough monitoring was done on these smart meters, I don't think enough is know about the safety of them and I also think that we will find out sometime in the future that all the people who complained about their safety problems were probably right to do so.

People have gone so far as to take their own radiation readings with their own equipment and find that they are much higher than what Nevada Power is saying they are or supposed to be but all this data is being ignored and pushed under the rug.


  1. Frightening....wow.

  2. Sickening how they get away with this crap. Saying it isn't bad for you because it was tested. Who did the test? They power company of course. What else are they going to say? oopsy? haha

  3. Interesting. We don't have anything like this, but our power companies sure know how to charge. Power is always going up in price!!

  4. Oh that's rather disturbing. Why in the world would they need that many data transmissions every day?

    They switched ours to digital ones recently but not smart ones thankfully. They still have to come around each month and check numbers, etc.


  5. I am paranoid about everything anyway. We have all of these cell phones and wireless services and GPS...beams going up to satellites for just about everything. It's scary.

  6. It's scary that we really didn't have a say about having them put in and that we know they really weren't tested so we don't know what the outcome health wise is going to be in the long run.

  7. You should right an article about this on Yahoo so the word gets spread and maybe someone does something.


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