Monday, February 25, 2013

Dog Bites and Training

This is Cody, my dad's very large, very neurotic German Shepard. 

While we were all at my dad's house to celebrate his and my birthday's...a couple of family members went out in the yard with my dad and saw Cody. Cody didn't like it I guess and he bit someone. Not a really bad bite, but hard enough to break the skin and leave a puncture mark.

After he got used to people being in the yard, he was fine. He played with everyone, played catch and ran around. 

My dad with Cody the dog. 

He's a big dog and this is the second time he's bitten someone. The first time it was a plumber and thankfully when the guy sued him for getting bit on the butt...the home owners insurance paid the claim. 

My dad has to keep people away from the dog because he's never trained the dog and he's already proven twice now that he'll bite for no reason.He's a great guard dog for my dad and step mother but he needs to be trained and even though I've told him about training places at Petsmart and other places, my dad is 80 years old and just doesn't have it in him to do. 

My dad loves Cody and my husband even told my dad he would take him to be trained but he said he'll just make sure he keeps him away from people so no one gets bit. O.o I'm afraid since Cody is only 6 years old that he's gonna end up biting someone else and he'll get taken away because of it. 

My dad cleaning up after his dog left him a present. If I have any advice to someone who has a's make sure you train them if they have bad habits. Find a book, take a course, call a something. Don't just let your animal keep doing the bad behaviors they are doing or you could get sued or worst...the animal could really hurt someone and they could get taken from you. 


  1. Yeah many people think it is cute at first, then the dog gets bigger and they whine that it has the habits, when it is their fault to begin with.

  2. Oh I agree. This dog should definitely have been trained should still get training..something. It's definitely the owners fault when something bad happens.


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