Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy 80th Birthday To My Dad

My dad and step mother. I took this picture 2 weeks ago. He looks pretty good for 80 years old, huh?

My dad and step mom sitting on the couch when they came over this month. My dad is 80 and gets around really well, he still drives himself around, does his own shopping and is in pretty good health. 

My dad seeing his Great-grandson for the first time. Logan was only a couple of days old  and my dad was afraid to hold him. lol awww But he sure liked seeing him.

Happy 80th Dad


  1. Not bad at all, hopefully I can still move at that age haha happy birthday to him.

  2. Yeah no kidding, He helped his best friend move into a new house last year. He's still strong as an ox. I'm lucky if I can get all my shopping

  3. Happy Birthday to your dad!


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