Saturday, February 23, 2013


If we are friends on Face Book you already know I've been having nothing but problems with my neighbors. I complain about them all the time. Well this week has been something else, let me tell you. New people have moved into the courtyard and right next door to me a couple moved in with their 3 small kids. Now don't forget these are 1 bedroom apartments. So that's a family of five living in a 1 bedroom apartment.

They bang on the walls, turn their music up really loud, slam their door, and...and..someone called the police on them the other day and when the police knocked on their door and said, "Knock knock Metro Police, Please open the door."


The police knocked again and announced who they were and again...silence..They would not answer the door. So the police left. You know why? Because unless they have a warrant, or a reason to think someone is hurt or they are investigating a crime..they can't make you open your door. I've seen this several times around here. *yeah I live in a great neighborhood*

A few minutes after the police left a friend of theirs knocked on their door and they opened it for him.

Ken had to go the other day and ask if they would turn down their music, the lady says that she was under the impression that during the day she could make as much noise as she wanted. Ken told her not if it's bothering your neighbors. I can just ell we are going to have all kinds of problems with these people.

They let their 8, 6, and 2 year old play unsupervised in the courtyard and on several occassions Ken and I have had to tell the kids not to throw rocks..we don't want our window broken.


  1. Wow, that sucks. You should call your local council office and see if there isn't an occupancy law in your city/state.

    I know in a few states there can be only 3 people to a bedroom. I guess it's considered a hazard of some sort.

  2. I already found out that here it's totally up to the landlord on how many people can live in a 1 bedroom. She also moved in 6 adults into another 1 bdrm apartment. lol

  3. Wow talk about a money grubbing landlord :/

    Well, now the gloves come off. If they're playing their music loud during the day find the most obnoxious music you can, turn your biggest speaker toward the wall and blast away :) That's what I used to do in one of our old apartments. My neighbor was thumping rap music 24/7, so I returned the favor by playing Cannibal Corpse back to them. lol. They didn't do it anymore after that ;)

    As for the kids roaming around unattended print off some phoney 'a pedophile lives in this area' flyers and add in the detail that he/she preys on children similar looking to your neighbors kids. LOL. That SHOULD do it, unless she's a total crap parent.

  4. That sucks a ton, hate it when crummy neighbors come in had my fair share and still a few around here that annoy.

  5. Those are really good ideas. lol

  6. Grr, don't you hate it when people forget that their actions are impinging on other people? (written in the evening as our neighbors are playing their music for the entire neighborhood to savor) Hopefully, a few gentle requests will be enough to remind these folks that they are making others miserable. If not...perhaps Children's services needs to be contacted anonymously!

  7. It really is annoying. Some people just don't care.

  8. Get some loudspeakers and blare this in their general direction and see if they get the clue:

  9. Ha! Now theres an idea.


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