Friday, May 31, 2013

Medical Cannabis Coming To A Corner Near You!

I would rather see a person use a drug that has been approved by the doctors, government, scientists and proven by patients to work on things like PTSD and depression than have someone use pot ...a drug that is illegal and has no real health benefits other than that which is in the mind of the pot smoker who uses it to get high so of course they are going to think it helps. If you think that marijuana is the answer for ailments like cancer, PTSD, Depression and other illnesses that aren't terminal, then you are an idiot and are perpetuating the problem.

I see soo many pot smokers saying that they would much rather take a drug (Medical cannabis) which has no side effects rather than a drug approved the the government because it probably has toxins or some such nonsense in them. Oh and don't get your kids vaccinated because those vaccinations are filled with poison.

Why is it that so many of the conspiracy theorists seem to be the same paranoid people smoking medical marijuana? Did you know that a side effect (yes pot has them) of smoking pot is paranoia?

People like to say that medical marijuana eases their pain, helps with their anxiety ect. well, with that thinking why don't we just get some junkie to say that heroin eases their pain and make that legal too. I mean it's the same logic.

I am appalled to see the Senate has passed the bill that allows marijuana dispensaries to become legal here in Nevada. I mean I really thought our government had more sense than this. Just click the link to read the article. Here's a little of what it said, "CARSON CITY — A bill to allow medical marijuana dispensaries easily passed the Senate on Wednesday.

Backers said the measure, approved 17-4, establishes procedures to comply with a constitutional amendment approved by the voters in 2000 that allows the use of medical marijuana.

The bill would allow 40 clinics in the Las Vegas area, 20 in Reno, two in Carson City and one in each of Nevada’s remaining rural counties."

All I can hope is that it goes no farther than this and the bill gets stopped. But in reality I don't see that happening. I can only hope that if marijuana ever does get to be a legal drug that all those pot smokers that go to buy their pot from these dispensaries have to pay a hefty tax on all their marijuana that they buy, even the medical marijuana card holders. They should have to pay a hefty tax of at least 25% for the privilege of getting high legally.

There should also be DUI type laws just like for drinking and driving. A person under the influence of marijuana if it becomes legal to smoke..should not be allowed to drive while under the influence and if they get caught driving while smoke..DWS..they should go to jail, have hefty fines and after the 2nd conviction of DWS= driving while smoking or driving while high or driving while under the influence of pot..take your pick...they should get their pot card pulled so they can't get it for a while.

Even if weed is legalized people are going to be going to jail for getting behind the wheel while high and driving, causing accidents and driving stupid.

Oh I can see this all going to hell in a hand basket.

Most pot heads say it's not likely to overdoes on pot but this article says otherwise thanks to something called, "Dabbing".


  1. Neither me nor anyone I know does drugs, at least in my knowledge. Why should it matter to me?

    Wait. What if some junkie sets my home on fire? No government is going to take responsibility for that. Governments everywhere are getting more and more short sighted with respect to a lot of things, drug access being one of them. We can only hope sense prevails.

  2. I have very mixed feelings on this. If it alleviates pain and returns the appetite to those suffering from a terminal illness then I support their right to use it if it's legal in their area. But I defniitely see your points as well. It's a very complicated issue indeed!

  3. LOL a drug that actually works? That would be a miracle(sarcasm)

  4. "Hmmmm," said the Bear, not quite sure of what to think. I'm not inclined to use cannabis until more study is done on it. Like long-term studies of long-time users. Like any other medication, marijuana will be helpful to some, and have "side effects." That much I know.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting, Life in the Urban Forest (poetry).


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