Sunday, May 19, 2013

Texting and Phone Calls

I realize that in this day of texting and smart phones I am an old dinosaur because I don't text nor do I have a cell phone, smart phone, ereader, tablet, ipad ect...

I have a laptop and a landline phone. That's it as far as techy devices go in my home.

Has the art of the phone call become extinct?

Not for me. I talk to my younger brother one the phone at least once a day and if I don't talk to my daughter on the computer we talk on the phone at least once a week. My dad doesn't have a computer so we talk on the phone. But everyone else I know..they want to text, send emails or fb.

For the vast majority of todays youth, they would much rather send a text than pick up the phone and make a phone call.

I used to talk to my mom on the phone all the time before she passed away. I could spend an hour on the phone with her and I miss that. An email or text just isn't the same as hearing someone's voice on the phone.


  1. I have one of course and it comes in handy, but I still hate texting

  2. Well, I didn't have the latest and best either, just a simple pay as you go for emergencies when I am driving.

    My niece didn't like this, and hooked me up on her plan and I got a beautiful white Samsung Galaxy 11 for T mobile. I don't do a lot of texting myself, not on the phone hardly at all, but I do have something that works beautifully and actually spend less vs my own phone, like if I had a bill or needed to call about something of interest...old phone gobbled up my money.

    I know what you mean however, thought I would never become apart of the techy world myself, I live with my mom, elderly mom, and while she has a land line....I needed my own phone. It has come in quite handy for me and I wouldn't give it up for anything.

  3. I don't know, it is about what the other person wants and can afford in terms of money and time. I have many friends who would rather talk on phone, and some others who can *only* skype.

    I am working really hard to get my parents smartphones, but they are resisting like hell. I think they resist too much for people in their 50s.

  4. I got my first smartphone last year, mainly so I could write and do other work while on the road. I still don't use it for texting much. I prefer calling.


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