Saturday, May 18, 2013

Why I Like Blogging

I really like writing, I always have. When I was 11 years old my parents gave me my first diary and wrote in it every day. I liked it so much that I started buying large notebooks to write in and did that for years until I was introduced to the internet. 

While I like others to read what I write, I really like reading what others have to say. I like meeting new people and getting to know them through their blogs posts. I don't get out much and don't see many people besides my family face to face but I have quite a few friends online that I've never talked to other than through the computer. 

I like reading how other people think, feel and see how creative they are. Reading other people's lives through their blogs and social media keeps me connected in a way that I didn't think would be possible for someone who doesn't do much interacting face to face. 

I've found many people have some of the same experiences, beliefs, and stories that I have. We are not all alone, we are right next to one another even if it's through the other side of a computer monitor. I've met people from all over the world and it's been fascinating to see that no matter where we are from, we are so similar and have so much to talk about. 

I like blogging because it's kept me from sitting in my apartment all alone in my own little bubble. I like sharing my thoughts on different subjects and reading others comments even if they don't agree with me. I think being able to talk about a subject we might not agree on in a civil manner is also great. 

I truly do appreciate all my blogging friends and appreciate all the comments you have left for me, without you there would be no reason to keep doing this. 


  1. Blogging is good, no doubt. What I like the best about it is the chance to talk to strangers. You are from the US, so are a lot of the other bloggers. Then there are people from UK and other places. Hell, India is so big that I can't even meet all bloggers here.

    Another thing I like about blogging is that it mostly takes useless context away. I don't have to care (mostly) how old the other person is, or what sex or sexual orientation they have (normally), what their religious or political beliefs etc. are.

    Yet another great thing is that having archived blogs with comments and all lets me see the stuff I was doing a few days or months or years back. Good when I am down.

    How is the staying at home thing coming? Is it improving? I understand how blogging is more important to you than to the rest of us, but I hope you get fine and get out more. Maybe take Logan out or something. :-)

  2. KK, That's very true. I don't even know what some of the people look like that I talk to all the time online and that's fine with me. Just sharing comments and ideas is great.

    I still don't get out much, although I did go to my dad's house for a visit last month when my brother was in town.

  3. Blogging is such a great way to find common interests and meet new people. At times I feel quite disconnected from the rest of the writing world, but blogging and social media helps me keep in contact and learn stuff.

  4. Yep, blogging is grand. Great way to learn and meet people across the land.

  5. I agree with you both.

  6. I'm with you. I love reading other blogs. I also feel more free in my blogging than I do in article writing. I don't have any constraints.


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