Sunday, July 21, 2013

Keeping Rats Cool In The Summer Months

Knowing that it gets really hot here in the summer months I've made provisions in case the power goes out for a couple of hours. I say a couple of hours because I wouldn't use this method for more than a few hours in the temps that we get F

But if for some reason the power goes out for just a couple of hours I have ice packs in my freezer for emergencies to keep my rats cool. You are probably wondering how ice packs would keep the rats cool enough in temperatures like that? Well I'm going to tell you. But first I want you to take a look at the photos and see that I've bought all Non-Toxic Reusable ice packs. They last longer and are easy to keep in the freezer.

I have two different types and sizes of ice packs. These are smaller gel packs. These would be used inside the cage if needed. I would wrap them in a dish towel and let the rats lay next to them to keep cool. You can also freeze water bottles and wrap those in dish towels. 

They can also be used on top of the cage to create the 'air conditioner'. 

The second Ice pack I have is a larger CoolBrick. It's the size of a brick and lasts a very long time. I would use this on top of the cage for the *ratty air conditioner*

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  1. Thankfully not 115 here, most we get is 93 or so, but still good idea


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