Sunday, September 08, 2013

How To Burn Powder Incense Without A Self Lighting Charcoal Briquette

Some of you may not know what I'm talking about here, so let me explain. 
You've probably seen incense cones and sticks but it also comes in a powder form that you sprinkle on top of a special self lighting charcoal briquette. But I ran out of the charcoal briquettes and wondered if there was a way to still burn my powder incense, so through trial and error *and a lot of smoke* I found that you can indeed burn powder incense without charcoal. That is what the powder incense looks like in the canister.

I buy Anna Rivas Powder incense because I like the way it smells. I also have a small brass cauldron that I usually burn the charcoal briquettes or cones in but this time I just placed a small piece of aluminum foil on top to hold the incense while it burned.

I was able to light it and it burned.

This is what it looked like. 

If you'd like to know how I figured out how to burn powder incense without charcoal then just read my newest article. 


  1. I haven't seen powder incense before, but that's ingenious :)

  2. Mary, you have got to be the only anti-pot activist in the world that burns incense in their home. LOL.

    Thanks for the tips ;)

  3. Never even tried that before at my shore

  4. Shelley, Thanks. ;)

    CaroleDee, LOL I used to be a practicing Wiccan and burned incense during rituals. While I'm no longer Wiccan *Now Agnostic*, I still love the smell of incense.

    Pat, well if you want now you know how. :)

  5. Huh had never heard of it before Very neat. Glad you found a way :)


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