Thursday, September 05, 2013

Three Days Grace Has A New Lead Singer

So I found out recently that the lead singer for Three Days Grace (Adam Gontier), one of my favorite bands has left and a new lead singer (Matt Walsh) has taken over. So I thought since I like their music I would give the new guy a, no and no. Damn, they should have found someone else because this guy just doesn't do it for me at all.

So if you want to hear the new guy (Matt Walsh) just listen to the video above.

If you want to hear (Adam Gontier) the lead singer that I actually liked...listen to this video. It's the same song, but Adam in my opinion does a damn site better job of it.

How disappointing...I really liked them. But it happened not too long ago with another band that I liked when their lead singer left too...Nightwish isn't at all what it used to be.


  1. Well that's disappointing. One of my favorite bands years ago got a new lead singer and it just didn't work for me either. But then after a handful of years the original singer came back. I never checked em out after that though. Huh. Maybe I should though.

  2. Well, I'm none the wiser. I'm not allowed to play the video 'cause I'm not in the US.

  3. Anna, Yeah it happens all too often.

    Shelley, I hate when that happens to me. If you want to see what they sound like, just youtube Three Days grace.

  4. Never as good as the original

  5. I love them! I had no idea they had a new leas singer.


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