Thursday, November 21, 2013

What Are You Doing For Thanksgiving?

This year my family is coming over and I'm making dinner. Or I should say brunch as we eat really early so my 80 year old dad can come over. He has a really weird sleep schedule and had to be home by 1pm so he can go to bed for the day. He'll get back up around midnight and stay up all night and go to sleep around 1pm again. So we'll be eating Thanksgiving 'dinner' around 11am. lol 

That's ok, it'll be early enough that my daughter and her boyfriend can go to his parents house later on and have dinner again. 

So what are you doing for Thanksgiving? Having family over? Going to visit family?

Whatever you're doing, have a good time.


  1. Ours is already done, been there done that under our sun lol

  2. We go to my sister's and we usually eat ours at noon so we're not too far off from y'all.

  3. Not traveling this yeah and no visitors either. Just going to spend a quiet day with the two herds. We'll usually meet up as a family but this year we've all got herd babies that are kind of iffy medically so we don't want to leave them with sitters.

    Hope yall enjoy your "dinner" lol I have a schedule kinda like yours dad's :)

  4. Pat, hope it was a good one for ya. :)

    Keith, lol good to know we're not all that strange.

    Anna, Aww poor herd babies. Hope all the herd babies are feeling better soon. I didn't think anyone had a schedule like my dad's.

  5. LOL I have the worst schedule. I have to really force myself to be up during "regular" hours. If I just let it go and do what my body says it's complete opposite of everyone else. Drives the fam crazy.

    Hopefully everyone will be okay. We've just got some pups hitting the 13 year mark and getting more fragile. So trips on both ends are pretty scarce these days. Thank goodness for phones and being able to talk whenever :)


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