Saturday, December 28, 2013

Weekly Rat Facts: Cage Accessories

Rats are pretty easy to care for and easy to please, you just need a few simple things for their cage to make it fun for them to be in. 

First thing is a sturdy food bowl, and a good water bottle. I always make sure I have an extra water bottle in case one of the rats chews a hole in it and I need to replace it. *It's happened*

Rats love hammocks. All of my boys lay in their hammocks and sleep in them. I have several in the big cage and one in Lucky's cage.

Lucky loves his hammock.

Fleece cubes. They love hanging out in these fleece cubes the only problem is, I have chewers...destroyers of cubes. I usually have to buy several of them and hope they last at least a month because my boys love to chew and destroy these things.

Hanging bird toys are another great thing you can put into your rat cage. Just hang the bird toy from the top of the cage and you rat won't be able to stop himself from chewing, playing and tugging on it.

Fluffy beds, plastic igloos and fleece bedding. I use fleece blankets to cover the shelves as bedding and I put baby blankets inside the beds so they have something to fluff up and lay under. Bandit and Marbles checking out the new bed, cube and hammock that I washed.

Plastic Lixit Critter Space Pod, my boys have all loved these things and you can hang them upside down from the top of the cage or have it sit on a cage shelf. Lucky loves his.

Ledges, ramps and ladders. All of my cages came with ladders but you can also buy these Lava Ledges to make extra ledges for them to hop on. Lucky just chewed his all to pieces. lol 

No matter what kind or how many accessories you put in the cage, make sure you take your rats out and play with them each day. They are social animals and need time with you and time out of the cage. 


  1. Sounds like a rat paradise, never knew they liked hammocks so much

  2. I love these pictures! I am allergic to them (to pretty much any animal with fur, in fact) but I love them just the same...just from afar! :D

  3. Pat, they love hammocks and other things to hide and sleep in.

    Amy, My daughter is allergic to dogs and cats but not the rats.

  4. I always enjoy these!

  5. I always enjoy seeing your photos. They look as if they adore their hammocks.

  6. I knew that ferrets like hammocks, but I had no idea that rats like them, too.

  7. Oh you so make me miss my girlies. I had so much fun setting up the mouse tank and re-arranging it for them. Love the pics of the herd babies as always. They're just adorable!

  8. Rebecca, Thanks!

    Shelley, Thanks, they love those hammocks.

    Cher, pretty much any toy for ferrets my rats will also like.

    Anna, Thanks, I appreciate it.

  9. I didn't know they love hammocks so much! I'm glad, because those are some of the cutest pictures. :)


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