Sunday, December 29, 2013

When Do You Take Down The Decorations?

So if you put up Christmas decorations this year, when do you take them down?

I usually leave mine up until January 1st, that way they are up for New Years Eve. Some people can't wait to take them down and some people leave the outside lights up all year. I really don't like lugging out all the boxes but it's nice to have it all done and put away after the holidays are over. 


  1. Jan 1 is usually when they go away at the other sea too

  2. I doooonnnnn't! lol Okay the tree comes down but I hang on to that sucker a while. Mid to late Jan if it can last that long :) But I leave a lot of others out all year. My mantle is always Christmas-ish. It's Christmasy but can get away with just looking like funky decor the rest of the year.

  3. Pat, I like having them up but I like having them put away too.

    Anna, lol I would leave all my Halloween decorations out if hubby didn't mind. But he's not really into the skulls and reapers.

  4. I didn't decorate this year, but when I do I put the tree up Thanksgiving evening and take it down New Year's day.


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