Thursday, February 13, 2014

Are You Crafty?

I don't think I've posted many of my crafts here on my blog or at least not for a while. So I thought I would share some of the crafts I've done and give you instructions on how you can do them too. 

I love making Dream Catchers and did you know you can make them to fit any holiday? I made the the one above for Halloween and it was easy. I just used black and white feathers, black suede and a small skull and RIP button easily found at any crafts store. You can find the full instructions on how to make your own Dream Catcher in my article here

A while back I showed you some of the jewelry beading kits to get you started  making your own jewelry. So after doing a few of those I bought some semi precious stones and other things I needed to make a necklace and made this one. 

Using ribbon to make a pretty necklace is just as easy. I have the full instructions on how to make this necklace in this article I wrote here

I made these earrings back in 2010 and still have them and love them. I made them using Japanese beads and sterling silver ear threads and sterling silver spacer. They were incredibly easy to make. I bought the ear thread chain separately and just attached spacer beads and a head pin to the Japanese bead and attached it to the ear thread. 

Have you done any crafts lately?


  1. I wish. I seem to spend all my time writing or doing promo type stuff :)
    Love the earrings and the dreamcatcher.

  2. I am not crafty at all. In fact, I am a klutz when attempting to be crafty :)

  3. Unless you want something that looks like it was done by a 2 year old, nope not crafty lol

  4. Earnings are fun to make. I like the way yours came out.

  5. Ha, not at all. But I clean up after the Mrs. and our little daughter after they create. I count that as my contribution.

  6. Shelley- Thank you. :)

    Keith- I was the first few crafts I tried. I just buying kits until I found one I could actually do. lol

    Pat- lol

    Steph- That I do.

    Lady Lilith- Thank you.

    Slamdunk- I'm sure they appreciate it.

  7. Oh how pretty! I made a pair of earrings lately but that's about it. I did just buy some very pretty beads so hopefully they'll turn into something soon. Love those earrings!

  8. Those are beautiful!

  9. I tend to start projects...not necessarily finish them, lol. Most of the time they involve crocheting but since I got a knitting book to review, I have tried to make a is pretty curly at the edges but my hubby says he'll wear it anyway, lol.


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