Friday, February 14, 2014

Freebie Friday!

I didn't get any free samples this week so I thought I would do a post about all those free samples you might already have and don't know what to do with. 

So you took my advice and have sent away for some free samples or entered and won a few blog contests but now you have a whole drawer full of trial size products you either don't or can't use. So what do you do with them? This has actually happened to me. I have a small box filled with dog/cat food samples that I know my rats won't eat. So I set most of those out for the stray cats in the neighborhood. The baby samples I gave to my daughter for my grandson. But there are other great ideas for using all those samples and prizes you have that you just won't or can't use.

Gift Bags
I set different items I get into different boxes that way if I need a fast gift bag for a, Baby Shower, Thank you gift, ect..I have items ready to be put in a cute gift bag for whatever occasion. In one box I labeled "female" I have things like earring, sunglasses, scarves, lip balm, broaches, make up, wallets and pocket mirrors. All things I either won from blog contests, giveaways or some of it came free with orders from companies. For example I bought a bottle of Baytril antibiotics for my rats from a mail order place and they sent me a sample size bag of bird food with my order for free. I don't have a bird and I don't know anyone who does so I put it outside for the birds around here and they went crazy for it.

Goodie Bags
I get selected for things where the company will send you enough samples to share with 10-15 friends and you are supposed to invite them over and talk about the products. House Party is one of those sites that does this and they send you enough samples to share with who ever you invite over. But sometimes a person might not show up and I have a couple of extra samples left over. So I just add them to Goodie Bags that I have available to family and close friends who I think might enjoy a bag of free samples and sometimes full size products.

Gift Baskets
I usually have a lot of cold/flu/allergy type samples. My daughter had a cold last month and asked me if I had anything she could use. I had samples of cough drops, lozenges, sinus spray, Tylenol, Advil, and even some sleep aids. So if a neighbor or family member has a cold and you have a bunch of these types of samples, you could make up a little basket with a couple of cans of Chicken Soup.

Another idea if for a Baby themed gift basket. If you have a bunch of baby product samples, you could make a basket up for someone who has a baby or who is about to have a baby.

Goodie Boxes To Military Personnel
Our service men and women love getting care packages from us so if you know someone in the military you could sent them a care package with any samples you have that you think they could use or want. Food, personal items, wet wipes, tissues are just a few things you might have to send.

After you start regularly signing up for and receiving these free samples they are going to be piling up, I know this from experience. Some things I use and some things I give away but they all get used eventually. Some may ask why I send away for things I know I can't use like dog and cat food, well that's easy. There are a ton of stray cats in my neighborhood that will eat both dog and cat food but you might have a neighbor that could use the free pet food. If I don't use something, I usually know someone who will.


  1. These are great ideas, Mary. I'm sure the recipients enjoy them too.

    Enjoy your day :)

  2. Great ideas indeed, sure many would be appreciative also

  3. Those are great ideas. I mostly target the samples that I will actually use, like shampoo, laundry detergent, food/beverages, and such as that. I usually save the samples of shampoo, soap and perfume for when I am travelling so I don't have to buy travel size in the store (a rip-off) or take the big regular size ones with me. I do end up with excess sometimes though, and I love the gift basket idea. I will definitely be putting that to good use :)

  4. I get things like that too or have them donated to the rescue. Have gotten a lot of stuff over the years when we were just a cat rescue like dog supplies or things for small animals. Can always find someone who needs those things and have usually found a rescue in the area that can put them to good use. Great idea about sending care packages. I've been taking extras in to our USO like that lately.

  5. Great ideas! I'm going to use them right away!

  6. Great ideas, Mary. I stick some of the samples into my boxes for my adopted soldiers or add them to the bag of things I donate to the local women's shelter as well.


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